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A more simple life

What I have done in my life is complicate it to extreme. when I look closely I see very well that I do this at a great cost. Once having seen this , I choose to do something different: I … Continue reading

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Copy your teacher physically and mentally!

Whoever your best teacher is, that is the person to copy! My Dharma Yoga teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra, always exhorts his students to copy what others are doing if they are doing it well. Copy mentally and physically. One of … Continue reading

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Who is there to be enlightened?

Questions are wiser than answers, I am sure of it. Recently Sri Dharma asked the question, “who is there to be enlightened?” What I have understood when reflecting on this question is that when I surrender my ego, when I … Continue reading

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Honoring the prana (life energy) of vegetables

  This Spring I noticed that the vegetables in the refrigerator bin are growing. The beet above is a month old, I had long ago fed the leaves to the guinea pigs, the ones you see are new ones that … Continue reading

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