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A more simple life

What I have done in my life is complicate it to extreme. when I look closely I see very well that I do this at a great cost. Once having seen this , I choose to do something different: I … Continue reading

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The Yama of Ahimsa

As I understand Ahimsa, there are two main expressions of it – the first being non violence – the command that one not kill, or do any violence against others in word, thought or deed, and the second is the … Continue reading

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The practice of offering

It is said that any action, when done with the right intent in the heart, that carries with it no expectation of reward, is an act of Karma yoga.  The practice of Karma yoga is one path towards self enlightenment. … Continue reading

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Peace at home, always speak kindly

It starts with you. Do not speak unkindly to others and do not harm any living creature. Sri Dharma says ‘Do not hurt anyone, by action or thought.’  One of my other Dharma yoga teachers said it something like this: … Continue reading

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