Vegetarian food

When I heard that becoming vegetarian was the single highest impact way to reduce our own carbon footprint I was really happy. I was already a vegetarian, and I know that some people will become vegetarian because they want to live in a way that the planet can sustain. Others will do it for their health, and others will do it with compassion for the animals that would otherwise be eaten to satisfy a taste for meat. And of course there are others whose beliefs guide them in the practice non-violence, and yet others who cannot afford to buy anything other than beans or rice or vegetables. If this site is to be of any use, I will show new vegetarians how this food can be delicious, simple and inexpensive,
so you may also experience the vitality, health and love that comes naturally with a vegetarian diet.

Chard, beets, carrots, sprouted lentils, cucumbers all fresh with lemon juice, sprouted almonds

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