Paradigm shift & sustainable living

So the human/planet existence tipping point seems to be drawing ever closer – from extreme warfare to extreme weather events, there are fewer places to run and hide and pretend like it just ain’t so: massive starvation, crop failure, rampant outbreaks of incurable diseases, and the incessant and seemingly unstoppable greed for wealth no matter what gets destroyed in the process.

What does it take to turn this all around? it takes a lot, and me for one I am, so far, not one to make huge plans and programs that feed or cure or save lots of people – and there are many folks working very hard who can and will do that. For me – it is being a vegetarian that constitutes the paradigm shift – it’s realizing that just because we have ‘always used animals for food’, doesn’t mean we have to continue. As my yoga teacher Sri Dharma always says, ‘its neanderthal’ this practice of killing animals for food. We have evolved beyond that. The possibility of us moving beyond that mean level of existence is here now, and many people have always been vegetarian, and many more are now joining them. By acknowledging the right of life forms other than ourselves to live with dignity and independence demonstrates a critical principle: do no harm. There are tomes and tomes of writing on this topic so I don’t want to go on at length – it ‘s just this simple, depriving other beings of freedom or life creates a karma that has to be paid, if you don’t believe in karma, you can be responsible for not adding cruelty and violence to a system already overloaded with that. It means recognizing that the pigs and cows and chickens killed for food are not so different from our favorite pet. Imagine if you had to kill them yourself. Imagine instead of eating them we spare them their lives, and let them be in peace. Doing so brings more compassion into a world that really needs it. Cleaning up our karma and being responsible for not killing animals goes along way towards dissolving the sense of disconnection that many of us live with. Eating a plant based diet will help remove the layers of decayed carcass from our intestine, at the same time opening our psychic channels. I did not make up the psychic channel part –  this has been known to many yogis – purification of the body also purifies the psychic and astral channels – allowing for extra-ordinary states of  psychic connectedness. That is the state of consciousness where we realize we are connected to one another, that we are no different as beings on this planet.
I once fasted for a week – and had bowels movements for almost the whole week as well – that’s how backed up I was, and I was young then, imagine if you are already older and have a gut. The bubble gum and other clay like substances all cleared out and I had an incredible surge of energy. Since then I have fasted many times, short and long, and every time after the toxins have cleared out my perception become crystal clear, I notice the convergence of extraordinary people and events in my life, and my energy multiplies. Eating a plant based diet will bring vitality and love into your life. Try it for yourself, if even for 3-4 weeks, and see what happens.

So that’s the shift – we don’t have to eat animals because its always been done. And a plant based diet has the smallest carbon footprint possible – if we all stopped eating meat – there would be more food and clean water to go around. Imagine that.

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