Vitality – the second half

For me vitality is much more than a state of health in my body – it is being connected to that inspiration, or breath literally, of life, that breeze that blows a longing or memory through my heart, that scent on the air that awakens the part of me that has no words to describe it, a place that is utterly connected and fulfilled, no matter what ‘reality’ I am in.

So whether my body is numb, or my heart becomes numb, (walking dead) both of which have happened to me multiple times in this life, I am totally committed to overcoming that, and being acutely present.

As a way to keep myself oriented towards this self discovery, that is – what makes me wake up in the morning and want to be fully alive and on my path, I often ask myself if I could do or have anything, what would it be? Its a good exercise for me because no matter what situation I find myself in I can always work towards that, and have that be my life raft so to speak as I travel through more difficult situations, whether health related, work, personal, or otherwise.

When I say ‘second half’ I mean second half century, I’ve passed that marker and happily I am still here and in relatively good health – some of my friends are not doing so well. So, for me there has been a convergence of three things that has me writing this post: my decision in 2009 to quit my job and [ follow my destiny ] – and as I came to learn from Paulo Coelho, the whole universe will conspire to help us along the way if we choose to do this, discovering the practice of yoga, in all its forms, and a long struggle with a triad of chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyrodism and fibromyalgia. The practice of yoga, especially the physical poses, the meditation or quieting of the mind, the vegetarian/vegan diet, and being open and receptive to the extra- ordinary (call it what you want – for me it is divine and eternal) has brought a huge relief from all of this dis-ease. I am also committed to fulfilling on a promise I made to my daughters – that I would be around until I am 100. So I am constantly working to deepen my practice, and align my lifestyle to support my health.

It is not my purpose to claim to KNOW anything but my own experience – and my experience of healing has been so important for me that I will share it – hopefully in your moments of convergence you may find something here that is helpful to you. I am working on a series of posts to cover the big impediments to good health, and tried and tested ways to get over some of those impediments, hopefully in a condensed way. Here is the list of topics – its in flux as I write them. I am also reorganizing this site to be more user friendly – focused on vegan and vegetarian recipes, health related posts, about practicing yoga.


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