The Householders path

Friday evening. Just as soon as I and my young helpers finish getting the house dust free, I will sit down and write more about this Рbut here is the short version of what I understood about finding peace and contentment in this life. In the introduction to the Srima Bhagavad Gita there is a discussion about the two paths to enlightenment, one being for householders. Householders, and others, are those who cannot devote their life to the path of knowledge and the renunciation of all action for a practice of meditation, study, and teaching. Householders can instead offer their every action to God, attend to their tasks with devotion, and give up any attachment to the fruits of their actions. This is the path I have chosen, with a little bit of study of the scripture, yoga and meditation mixed in. On this path I have travelled from sadness and anger, to a life of contentment and steady devotion to my tasks. I believe this is also called the path of Karmayoga, and I will share how my husband, two daughters and myself got here, by changing our diet, practicing yoga, gratitude and service.

3 months later…as it turns out, cleaning the dust is a task that does not end, but in the short time that has past since I wrote above I have travelled far, and focused my practice on being more compassionate. The beauty of being kind is that my experience of the world is that it is softer, people are loving, and suffering can be lightened.

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