Diet, activity, love, relaxation

Dean Ornish is the one who gets credit for this:  he’s been a hero of mine for years, ever since I had to start thinking about heart disease. It runs in the family and I lost my mother earlier than I wanted due to heart disease.

Dean Ornish says eat healthy, be physically active, have love and support in your life, and learn to (destress) relax.

I have to say I agree with all of these points – I recommend gentle yoga if you want an integrative and wholistic approach to healing yourself. Go to the most ‘down to earth’ yoga class you can find, i.e. the one they offer at the local ‘Y” and do it with a friend or loved one. Try the gentle or restorative class, not the advanced classes. Beginners/restorative/gentle yoga is mostly stretching the body and connecting with the body. Usually sweet, gentle people attend these classes, and they are usually taught by people who are devoted to healing.

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