Fluid body vs blocked body

Without water things do not flow. In the aryuvedic view of the body there are points in the body through which ‘prana’ or life energy flows, like water. The practice of ‘pranayam’ is breathing to stimulate this energy. Sound vibrations like the sound of ‘Om’  are also used to unblock areas in the body where energy is not moving through. As I go thru my life the impact of harsh events, loss, anger, injury, these all leave my energy channels blocked. Some of these spent years in my body before they got worked out/released. Body work, and yoga asanas, help to open those channels. Water is also key, as it literally helps to move the blood and oxygen around my body. In one deep meditation with my legs locked, asleep (and burning) I could feel (and hear) my heart beat and circulation, flowing like the ocean, with a sound like the waves.

And if the body is not well the mind cannot be well.

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