Unaccountable happiness, clarity, connectedness

Unaccountable happiness comes from many practices; for me it comes mostly from the practice of surrender (and acceptance) and non-attachment. I first learnt what it meant for me to surrender during yoga classes with Charat in Singapore. As he instructed us in class, he would ask us to surrender, to the pose, to the body, and to the divine spirit. My mother was ill and was not going to be with us for long. Finding my way to allow the grief to be there, to accept her imminent death and not resist it’s inevitability; this was a huge surrender for me. It did not create unaccountable happiness for me in that moment – but a month later when I travelled all the way back from Singapore to the US to be by her bedside for her last few days, I was able to experience being with her as powerfully in her death as in her life, and moreover, be witness to the miracles in my own family that happened in the space of her passing. As I drove about the city where she had been hospitalized during her last travels, I was able to listen to music, feeling unaccountably happy, while at the same moment, profoundly saddened. That was the first time I noticed this kind of happiness. It could be called something else as well – it could be called ‘fully present and present for life itself’. It is an experience of fullness, being acutely present to the external and physical realm of the world, where everything in life is fully accepted as it is, no matter how things are.

Since then there have been countless moments of unaccountable happiness, and there had been before that too – the difference was in the consciousness of the moment. Its as if the heart, the body and the mind all surge at once, with the experience of love, contentment, some call it bliss… when this happens I take a moment to acknowledge it – that everything is so perfect (perfectly imperfect), that I am so fortunate to be alive and experience it this way. Then I let the moment pass and move on, with the practice of non-attachment, no matter whether the attachment is to something ‘good’, or ‘bad’.

Clarity Purification of your body, your family/social/business relations, and of your thoughts and spoken conversation can lead to elevated states of clarity as the background noises will quiet, worry and compulsion will cease. The mind, when quiet, can perceive clarity.

Clarity seems to have its degrees and its always already there. I would describe it as a range from luminosity to crystalline white light. For me, clarity comes with the absence of mental noise, background concerns and worries, or any compulsive need to take action of any kind. With those things absent, there is a clarity of Being, even quietness in the body, that allows the ‘vision’ of the minds eye to become clearer. There is less emotion and a different quality to perception. It is the condition that allows heightened perception. The ‘luminosity’ is akin to feeling someones energetic vibrations. Some people, especially healers, are able to see or feel that energy very acutely and find the places where there are interruptions or differences in that energy. There is a clarity of perception that goes beyond our typical mental checklist of what we observe, for example, when we are interacting with someone else. It’s like being tuned in enough in a conversation that you address the unspoken questions as you speak, because clarity has them at the surface.

At the other end of the spectrum is the intense vibration of white light.  It is less mysterious than it seems, white light contains all the color vibrations, and when there is sunlight, it is always there. If you practice fasting, prayer, meditation, breath exercises etc. it is possible to perceive and experience the color vibrations in ways that are extra-ordinary. You may experience crystalline white light, where as you look through everything is the same except that it is appears as if through a sharp crystal clarity, and it can occur as something that is more than just visual.

Connectedness It is an experience that words are truly inadequate to describe.

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