Six week detox tools


A practice from the Aryuvedic tradition; consider that our body has three main functions – producing energy to run on, healing itself and growth/regeneration and eliminating waste and toxins from the body. It is said that between the hours of 4am and noon the body is cleansing itself – so many yogis will have only lemon or lime water and nothing else until early afternoon when the first and sometimes only meal is taken. From noon until 8pm is considered to be time to take in food and do things that generate energy for the body, that may include eating, napping, taking sun and fresh air, exercising, and for a practicing yogi it would include a yoga poses or ‘asanas’, and pranayam, or breath exercises. It is recommended that you take your fresh vegetable juices in the late afternoon or early evening as they will then be bioavailable for the healing and regeneration process during the night. From 8pm until 4am the next morning nothing should be eaten so the body does not have to deal with heavy waste elimination processing in the body, and the body and mind should be quiet and resting, that is: no movies or news , early to bed, rising early. Observing these three practices with provide a framework within which to practice a better diet, and a healthier lifestyle.


Adding a favorite cleansing tea to your daily routine is an easy path to being on a constant detox. Ginger tea is probably one of the most effective. Boil sliced ginger in a pot for about 15 fifteen minutes, drink it hot or let it cool. Dilute as necessary. Whether you use ginger tea or another of your own favorites, cinnamon is also very good, mint is good, the constant ‘washing’ of the internal organs with a cleansing tea will help wash out the toxins that begin to release from your cells. Note: when detoxing is approached in a hurry the risk is that too many toxins get released into the bloodstream at one time. For example if you start with a water fast right away. This places a heavy load on the liver and kidney, causes headaches and ill feelings, and discourages the detox process.

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