We are what we eat

When I finally started cleaning up my diet, figuring out what foods were allergens to me, what caused asthma or inflammation in my system – my body was able to communicate to my brain better about what I was eating. Or, my brain was able to get the message better. The messages began to be something like: ‘oh wow, that made me feel really good!!!!’, or ‘geez, you’re killing me here.’

I know it sounds silly – but truly I began to tell the difference between live and cooked foods and was able to feel the difference in energy I would have after having one over the other.

So dead foods, even if they were vegetarian, or vegan, were still energy suckers, live foods were always a source of energy. So that is the bottom line for me – if I really need energy I eat live foods, and way less of it – because it provides so much fuel to the body. If I eat dead foods, I feel, well, less alive…

From another perspective – if one believes we take in the matter we eat into our body at a cellular level then well – as they say – who needs embalming? We are already preserved, polluted, chemicalized, processed, genetically modified, growth hormonized, etc., etc. Not to mention, as Maya Tiwari would say – we consume the anxiety, grief and fear of the animals that are slaughtered for our consumption.

One thing to keep in mind as well is that the body is a highly functioning machine, but if it is constantly dealing with our excesses of bad foods, we are wearing out the machine on waste processing, reducing the time for other higher functions like healing, regeneration and growth.

And, connected to this, we are sometimes HOW we eat. Distracted, absent, over consuming gluttons…I certainly was and still can be. Being fully present for the food we eat seems to go a long way towards having it provide nutrition, curbing the tendency towards overeating, and having the food choices be better.

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