y) detox exclusions

The really easy version of this is: no animal/seafood products, no wheat or gluten.

What is the rationale? Well there are many but the most compelling to me from the standpoint of health is that these foods are dead foods. Literally to eat them is too eat a carcass (keeping them in the fridge is like having a mini mortuary in the house) or in the case of dairy an animal by product.  Carcass – even if its ‘white meat’ or ‘fish’ or eggs, and somewhat easier to digest than a big hunk of red meat – all become more toxic within the body than plant based foods. Meats often literally ‘stick’ around on the lining of the intestine decaying inside the body. If your system is not fluid and processing what you eat today by the next day, then whatever you eat sits inside becoming putrid and upping the toxic load on your whole body especially your liver. So – whatever you decide to do in the long run, if you want to DETOX well, you have to leave aside the animal products to do so.

I have any diary and or eggs as an exclusion in this detox regime for a few reasons: animal proteins are often unclean, (added hormones, antibiotics and trace pesticides and herbicides) and are difficult to digest. I am avoiding the whole conversation about cruelty here, I address it elsewhere. The China study has demonstrated that there is a strong link between animal protein, heart disease and cancer.

Its not that big of a deal to leave the animal matter aside- just think about what you are committed to – if you are seeking more energy and better health – going vegan for a month and adding more raw vegan foods to your diet will make a difference. And its really not that hard. I don’t want to say you will also lose weight because it’s not the focus of a detox regime, but I do recommend reading this book, Eat More, Weigh Less, by Dr. Dean Ornish. He was the first Doctor to clinically demonstrate a reversal of heart disease through diet and lifestyle changes alone. (I linked to his website, the book can be found easily online for purchase.) If you want to really move into a hyper drive detox just watch the movie, Sick Fat and Nearly Dead. Then go out and buy a juicer and do what he does! Just be mindful, many of our bodies are so toxic we really have to start with the basics of cleaning the intestine before going into juice fasting and deep tissue detox. Otherwise when we suddenly detox all that toxin releases into the blood stream at once, creating a very heavy burden for the kidney and liver, and making us feel very sick at the same time. You be the judge of how fast or slow you can go – listen to your body and always support detox with lots of water.

With regard to wheat and gluten: many many people have a wheat or gluten intolerance that has not been identified – if you experience bloating, joint pain, or constipation there is a high probability that wheat or gluten is causing some of these issues. If you have anything like Irritable Bowel Syndrome wheat may be at the source of it. Read Wheat Belly for more on this. If you CRAVE wheat products then its likely it is an allergen for you. In a paradoxical twist of body biology we often crave that which is worst for us, other big ones include red wine, sweets, and greasy salty foods.

If you can manage to eliminate wheat and gluten from your diet while detoxing it will speed the clearing of the intestine, as most wheat products are highly processed. When you find gluten substitutes like corn meal, corn tortillas, gluten free breads, polenta, rice, etc you will be adding more fiber to your diet automatically.

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