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This is in progress, I am right now just adding links to things I have already posted that should be included in a detox diet. Please check this link for what to exclude – animal products are at the top of that list, as well as wheat.


1) Eat some form of oatmeal as your first meal of the day – Muesli is good and usually made up of raw oats and the best for you, steel cut or rolled oats preferably organic when you can is great – soaked in non diary milk to soften. Granola is OK but often way too sugary. If you choose to cook your oats, use the steel cut or rolled oats and cook them al dente in water to get the maximum benefit from the fiber. Add your favorite nuts, non dairy milk, seeds, fruits, fresh and dried, non sugar sweetener, and chew well. Have a huge bowl of it if you are used to eating heavy in the mornings. Have a small bowl if you normally skip breakfast altogether. In the latter case after a week or two you may notice that your hunger signal will return in the mornings. The oats will start to work on your system within 2-3 days if your intestine is not impacted.

NOTE – IF YOUR INTESTINE IS VERY BACKED UP: Normal bowel movements are minimum once a day, and should reflect what was consumed in the last 24 hours. If you have constipation or your intestine is impacted – you will need to add lots of water to your diet.  3 to 4 cups a day more than whatever your current water consumption is. There are a few ways to kick start the intestinal clearing, strong coffee in the morning is one of them, it can be decaf if you don’t want to get hyped up. I am not recommending any of the following  methods as this process is wholly individual, however there are a few common approaches used when detoxing; warm water enemas, suppositories, psyllium seed powders mixed with juice, and some of the teas, but the teas are often very strong and require that you be near a toilet for 24-48 hours so proceed with caution if you choose this method. If you stop animal products at the same time you begin to add raw and live cleansing foods, being careful what you eat, your system will respond, so there is no need to hurry things unless you are motivated to do so. The longer you have eaten badly and tolerated a slow digestive system, the longer it will take to get it back to full optimal function. You will probably begin to notice early results in a few days.

2) Eat one raw meal a day – preferably this one is the last meal of the day – salad with your favorite greens, the darker the better, avocados, jicama, any other favorite raw vegetables seeds, nuts, (no cheeses) dried fruits, olive oil, fresh lemon juice or some other non dairy dressing, tahini is great for satisfying cravings for calories, protein and fats. Cabbage salads are good but find a vegan version, for example with oil and vinegar. Eat as much salad as you can – do not eat bread, pasta, or any other foods with the salad. If you are really unsatisfied with this meal you can add something like cooked potatoes with a vegan ‘butter’, or vegan potato salad, just try hard to have it with vegan mayo or german style instead of eggy mayo.

3) have Green clean juice juice once a day – yes bring your jucier with you if you have to! it must be consumed right after juicing or there is little point to having it.

4) eat one cooked meal preferably with grains and or legumes and cooked vegetables. Eat as much as you care to. There are many options you don’t have to make yourself at home and are readily available in restaurants if that is your lifestyle: Indian food is great, especially if you order from a vegetarian place, Thai food has many vegetarian/vegan options, think coconut curries – vegan chili is great, avoid the cornbread and have it with rice, places like chipotle have several options for vegan meals that are tasty and satisfying…avoid the breads and flour based foods. If you are cooking at home you can surf the internet for loads of great vegan recipes that are easy to make; beans and rice are always good, braised grilled and steamed vegetables, soups etc.

5) unlimited fruits and nuts (preferably raw and unsalted) are fine on this detox regime – but note that having too much sugar can trigger cravings for all the bad stuff that you USED to eat!

Stick with this regime until your bowel movements are synced with your consumption – with no more than a 24 hour lag between eating and passing that meal. A beet salad will tell you where you are! As you progress notice the differences in your energy and mood, you may find you have lost weight in the process, your skin and eyes will be clearer, and you will be more in touch with the optimal functioning of your body. Now you can
move on to the next level!

CRAVINGS: it is common to crave the high calorie (sugar laden) often dense foods of a standard American diet if that’s what you’ve been on. Nuts go a long way to deflect those cravings so have some with you – eat slowly until you have satisfied the craving.

a few recipes that are good to include:
carrot salad, purple cabbage salad, holy rice and beans, mexican, curry lentils, chana shag, soaked walnuts, sprouted almonds, sprouted peas, scrambled tofu, vegan potato salad, spring rolls, avocado cilantro salad




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