Sri Dharma’s Sprouted Almond Milk and a Moment of Lightness



Maya Tiwari, who turned to her ancestral knowledge of ayurveda to cure herself of cancer and grief, in her book ‘Ayurveda A Life of Balance’ says this about the milk of her childhood, …”The milk was delivered, buff colored and foaming, within the hour of milking. It was never preboiled. Milk was a vital and living food as long as the ancestry could remember. The cows were gentle and happy. They grazed in the green pastures of fertile and rich land. The roamed by instinct with their own rhythm. No one questioned why they should seek shelter from the blazing sun, or why they sat and gazed with those stupendous lotus eyes. …Years later, during my stay at an ashram in Pennsylvania, I was taking my daily walk past a cow pasture. I saw for the first time what I had so long felt in my heart: the abiding grief of these cows. I have walked through the valleys and shadows of death twice in my life and never have I witnessed such gargantuan grief. How can we in the West hope to rationalize or address the present state of unwholesomeness of milk as a food? The primary issue we must confront is the holocaust of these animals.” Pg 176

Ok, so that is not light. Her book is very good to read, she talks about the Vedic tradition, and how it holds all animals sacred, as they hold the memory of life on earth. ‘The cow is the keeper of the scriptural memory, and the elephant the holder of the first memory of plants and herbs on the planet. If either becomes extinct, we would not be able to maintain the memory necessary for the survival of the earth.’ She talks about the diseases of the food body and how the suffering of the cows is reflected in our own. ‘The mental agony of the cow is inherited by all those who drink the polluted ama, which used to be milk; we suffer the same conditions of fear, isolation, restlessness and melancholia. The cows subtle memories are blackened by their captivity, directly effecting the loss of our own memories of spiritual dharma.’

The lightness is this – Sri Dharma’s Sprouted Almond milk is our modern day vital and living milk. It has the sweetness and softness of unpolluted milk from happy cows. It has a food body memory that is sustaining, nourishing, and loving. It enters the body system like mama’s milk, soaking into the cells, filling them with prana and light. It is truly divine and I will never ever drink the box stuff again!

Here is how make it, easy, a little time consuming, 100% worth it every time.

1 ½ cup sprouted almonds or brazil nuts
4 cups filtered water
3-5 dates (or agave nectar to sweeten)
1 Tbs vanilla (or fresh vanilla bean seeds)
Pinch sea salt, agave, honey or maple syrup to taste

It takes me about 10 minutes to peel the sprouted almonds. See my post for sprouted almonds to see how to sprout) I hold the large end in my finger tips and squeeze, the nut slips out of the skin pointy side first into my palm. Rinse after peeling to remove any lingering toxins from the skins. (Note: some brands of almonds will not peel easily – I found the Trader Joes non organic whole raw almonds most reliably easy to peel, Costco’s depends on the bag)

Pour the nuts and water together into the blender. Close the lid and blend on high for a couple of minutes. The better blended the more nutrition you will gain from the nut pulp.

Any linen type cloth or very fine cheese cloth will do for straining. It doesn’t have to be a bag but that will make squeezing it easier. Make sure your bowl is large enough.

Pour the milk through the cloth into the bowl. When the sprouted nut meal pulp is still in the cloth you can dip, rewet and squeeze with your hands. This will yield more of the vital essence of the nut. You can add a little more fresh water into the bag as well to help with this.

You can also pour the milk through a second time, again its like squeezing milk from coconut pulp, the more you work it, the more comes out of the pulp.

Like anything that has vitality or prana in it, it has a visual aura, a luminosity.

Once you’ve done this to your satisfaction, then you are ready to pour the milk back into the blender without the pulp now, and add the dates (pitted), vanilla and salt.

About the dates, if you remember to do it, soaked for 10-20 minutes beforehand is better, if dry however, they soak themselves in the milk after blending and dissolve away leaving only skin that falls to the bottom.

After blending, pour into a glass container for keeping 3+ days in the refrigerator. Make an offering to your kitchen altar or deity and ask for it’s blessing. Shake before consuming, and add more sweetener to taste. I added a touch of maple syrup to this batch.

The Goddess Saraswati joined and gave me knowledge of the essence of this milk. Like this milk, she is both sweet and beautiful.


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