The Dharma LOAY (life of a yogi) carrot salad and on being resourceful

Carrots, lemon, honey, raisins, olive oil.

Carrots with grater, lemon, honey, raisins, olive oil.

What I love about this recipe is the ease and simplicity of it. Soak the raisins in a little water while prepping everything else, grate the carrots, mix the honey lemon and oil together for dressing, drain water off raisins, put all in bowl and mix!

I like to make it if I have to travel as it travels well – even if just into the office for a day, and it is also one of the recipes that can stand up to being made in advance. Based on several at homes trials, it appears to me that grated carrots seem to sustain their vitality for about 8 hours, so while it is always best to eat as soon as your food is ready, if you have to prepare in advance you can be pretty sure that you will still get the benefits of eating raw.

What I also love about this salad is that it costs about $2 to make a serving for 2-4 people. Now I base that number on having easily available organic produce, I buy most of mine at Trader Joe’s, especially for juicing. Their carrots are about 89 cents for a 1lb. pkg. and I use about half a pound. Once you have invested in the bottle of olive oil and honey the small amount you use for this is minimal, (maybe 50 cents worth) and the lemon is probably the most costly. Organic from TJ’s can be as high as 50-75 cents each depending on the size and how many in the bag. Raisins are also costly but the recipe does not call for a lot. From a $3.00 bag of organic Thompson raisins  I use probably 1/10th of the bag. So for those of you who are precise about these matters; .45 for carrots, .50 for oil and honey, .75 for a large lemon, and .30 for the raisins. Children also usually like this salad as it is sweet and crunchy, so now you have a ‘snack’ for kids that costs only a little more than your time. As far as time to prepare, I can have this one done in about 8 minutes, with 1-2 minute2 to get everything out, 3 minutes to grate the carrots, 1-2 to mix everything and 1 to wash up and put things away.

Honey, lemon, olive oil

Mix together honey, lemon, olive oil

Can you tell I am big on resourcefulness? Recently I also took an accounting for what/how we eat, and how we shop for clothes and how thoroughly we recycle or not. Mostly we buy clothes from the thrift store which is a good way to ‘recycle’. To put this in context for a moment – if our clothes are being made any where near a sweat shop – due diligence is called for to check and see what that company practices as far as protecting their workers, paying a living wage, and not using children in the shops. If I am not wrong there is an app out that will check whether a company uses child labor or not, I believe you scan the tag with the smart phone and it will let you know whether children are used to make the product. I believe it is the same one that defines certain pay rates as ‘slave labor’, and will also let you know about that.

Add raisins and salad dressing to grated carrots and mix. Allow to sit for 5 minutes before eating.

Add raisins and salad dressing to grated carrots and mix. Allow to sit for 5 minutes before eating.

With regards to reusing, if you find a good thrift shop near you – you can reuse a huge amount of the clothes to be found there, at a fraction of the price. Our society and culture has trained us well to desire name brand clothing in season.  As yogi’s I believe we are responsible for every choice we make; are we wearing leather shoes or coats and sleeping under down comforters? And when we chose not to do so any longer – did we make sure to give our old shoes and blankets away to Goodwill? Are we recycling 80-100% percent of our plastics, metals, glass, cardboards, papers and compostable foods? Are we using our goods until there is no more use in them or freecycling them? Are we being well trained consumers – buying the latest new thing just because we can or buying only what we truly need? Do we have more than several pairs of jeans in the closet? Are we eating a plant based diet? Do we spend money just because we have it? Could we change our ways and give the money to someone who needs it? That for me is the definition of resourcefulness, and it is also compassionate. Like gorging ourselves on a buffet, overconsumption is not responsible to ourselves or to the community. I’d probably get a C+ or B- if graded on these things, so I am still working on it.

Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge, blessing the carrot salad so that I may know what my body needs for health.

Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge, blessing the carrot salad so that I may know what my body needs for health.


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