A more simple life

What I have done in my life is complicate it to extreme. when I look closely I see very well that I do this at a great cost.

Once having seen this , I choose to do something different: I choose first to give up certain things that once I felt I could not survive without – my ‘career’ , recognition for what I might contribute, (pure ego) , security and power, I also gave that up. That is definitely an illusion.

What I turned t0 instead was what Sri Dharma calls ‘the back up light’.

For me that is letting go of (the illusion) of control and accepting that there are laws of nature that are far bigger than me…and that my job is simply to make sure that I am acting with integrity in my own life. I am following the rules of universal ethical conduct; I ¬†am not stealing or lying, being cruel or angry, not being violent with others in word or deed, and most importantly, recognizing that when I surrender my will, acknowledging that I am not in control of what happens, I can actually have some peace. Said another way, the universe will send me what it will, and the best I can do is Surrender, and accept.


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