The practice of offering

It is said that any action, when done with the right intent in the heart, that carries with it no expectation of reward, is an act of Karma yoga.  The practice of Karma yoga is one path towards self enlightenment. When I choose to consciously make an offering of an action, whether to another being or to the eternal & divine, I find it creates in me an  attitude of compassion, charity and peace. And on occasion a sense of humor and joy! The practice of yoga can be a way to ‘exercise’ the practice of offering. When I offer my own yoga practice, whether it is devotional singing, prayer, study, meditation, selfless service, asanas, I also cultivate non-attachment. I offer the practice as it is, neither perfect nor imperfect, simply offering. I give up my attachment to the experience I might want to have, or the result I might hope for, and then I am able to experience that moment of offering my practice or action as complete & perfect as it is.


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