Who is there to be enlightened?

Questions are wiser than answers, I am sure of it. Recently Sri Dharma asked the question, “who is there to be enlightened?”

What I have understood when reflecting on this question is that when I surrender my ego, when I realize there is no ‘who’, ¬†what is left is my various layers of body and mind/consciouness. And, if it is true that ‘there is a small portion of God in everyone’ then God is already there. with my ego out of the way, it is now a matter of getting God consciousness. Said another way, being present to the presence of God.

When I have a daily practice of the yamas and niyamas, (non-violence, truthfulness, non- stealing, sexual responsibility, abstention from greed, cleanliness, contentment, austerity, self study, surrender of myself to God) the foundation for God consciousness is there.

If through my daily practices I am already God conscious, then, I can see in my life, it is the constant practice that allows me to stay close to and live in that light.

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