Spring Rolls

Recently I have been making spring rolls a lot – they are so great and the kids love them. This is a basic ‘how to’ guide, improvisation is allowed! I usually make 6-8 a person as they are very light. If you add tofu or tempeh strips inside its more substantial.

Start with your rice wrap. I have found two kinds, both from Vietnam, both made of rice and tapioca flour, one much thicker and easier to work with, one much thinner and more delicate. Both work. I found them at Pathmark in the Asian section and at a Japanese food market, Mitsuwa.I am sure you can find them or similar many places.



These need to be hydrated by dipping in a flat plate with a little water to cover both sides, as they come dried, then lift onto another plate to hydrate for 1 min before filling. The rule of thumb is do one at a time. I once soaked a whole stack and they all stuck together.


Then gather your ingredients, I use mung beans spouts, very economical in big packets, (but they do not keep more than 2-3 days) fresh basil, fresh cilantro, fresh mint as you like, or any combo.



You can also add sliced cucumber, the long way, sliced or shredded jicama, and any other fresh vegetables you like: julienne zucchini or carrots, spring onions etc.



The trick is laying out the veggies so they don’t puncture the wrap, it just takes practice. The wraps have a very ‘rubbery’ texture and feel and stick to the plate,
which adds a little fun. I am still learning how to do it properly, but the taste is there.


For the sauce I use Trader Joe’s dried mango with chili, soak it in water with a little dried tamarind, add a little date or maple syrup and water and blend til smooth. Chopped salted peanuts on the side add a nice taste. For a higher protein roll you can add tofu inside, flavored as you like, and even make a spicy peanut sauce for the interior. These become more like ‘Popia’. I will post a version of those as well. The cooler, yoga diet would better use raw cashews with no salt, and mango and tamarind with no chili, which is also delish. Best eaten by hand and with respect to all cultures who eat with hands, it is always with the right hand.


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