Darkness and samskara

Something funny about being in a place where nature is more powerful than culture…
the psychic energy of people stands out in stark contrast to the purity of nature and the ‘benign indifference’ of the natural world, and human psychic energy is often dark in comparison. As I understand the term, samskara refers to the imprints of events that happened in the past, that have marked our psyche. One of my samskara is to notice the dread and fear; of being alone, or of dying. Perhaps I am noticing my own fear, and either way, it can fill up the space around me in a way that used to really be dreadful. It is kind of like the heebee jeebees after smoking marijuana but even more vast. I have also realized that one of my imprints is being mean. In the past I was a very mean person,
and it continues today, in much smaller ways, but in ways that ‘are not me’, as most people know me. Of course being a meanie is something I would want to hide. Doesn’t look good.

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