Honoring the prana (life energy) of vegetables


This Spring I noticed that the vegetables in the refrigerator bin are growing. The beet above is a month old, I had long ago fed the leaves to the guinea pigs, the ones you see are new ones that popped out in the last 3 weeks.

The bok choi is more than a week old and the four leaves in the center vigorously pushed the outer leaves out of the way. In my memory of how my veggies do in the frige, mostly if I leave them there too long, they wither and die, with some exceptions. I think it is because in the SPRING their pranic energy is so high they will grow especially well in the dark and cold.┬áThese last few months I have been paying much more attention to my vegetables, for two reasons. First of all I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since about last October/November, (gone now with rest, vitamins, prayer, staying perfectly still and better diet) so I was eating much more raw food and juicing. Secondly my yoga teacher Sri Dharma had suggested that we ask the vegetables permission to eat them, and ask them if they would like to become part of our life energy, and the bliss we experience. Hmm. Hadn’t thought of that. Usually I just chop them right up. Since then I started thanking the vegetables, and asking, though I did not wait for an answer – I am often too hasty in the kitchen, I did promise them a more interesting life in my body.

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