Eating healthy, eating for lightness

My big disclaimer: there was only 1-2 times in my life when I regularly ate as I describe below, and notably, I felt great, was very light, and had lots of energy. So this is how I have interpreted the advice I have heard from my yoga teachers:

be a vegetarian, vegan is even more compassionate
have your main meal sometime in the afternoon, not too late
eat lightly in the morning and lightly at night
eat as much raw food as possible –
80% raw-20% cooked is what I hear works pretty well
drink lots of clean water

when it comes to caffeine, sugar, alcohol and the like
moderation is the rule!
discipline is golden!

It is something to work towards, what I do notice is that the energy that I don’t spend digesting too much food is available for other things…like healing my body, or having
lots of vitality during the day.

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