Peace at home, always speak kindly

It starts with you. Do not speak unkindly to others and do not harm any living creature. Sri Dharma says ‘Do not hurt anyone, by action or thought.’  One of my other Dharma yoga teachers said it something like this: ‘Controlling what goes into your mouth and comes out of your mouth goes a long ways towards observing the practice of non-violence’. Children know better than to be unkind, until they learn it from their parents. When I had a regular 9-5 job and had to get up and rush out to work every morning I would get very stressed out and scold or nag my little four year old daughter to hurry up, get ready faster, and so on. One day she turned her head away from me as she started to cry and said, ‘mommy, parents should be kind to their children.’ Needless to say that stopped me in my tracks, and I began to realize how much I hated my morning routine, how angry I was and how miserable I was making myself and my child. Realization was only the first step in the eventual awakening of my compassionate nature.

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