The practice of yoga

I started practicing yoga because I was profoundly unhappy, very angry, and very unwell. I had asthma really bad, and general malaise and depression.  The sad but true story of how I started is that after a visit to a class or two my husband was trying to get me to commit to regular practice. He knew it would make a difference in how I felt. So we were in Singapore at the time, and our excellent neighborhood teacher also taught at Pure Yoga, so I figured they must be a good studio so I went to check them out. First thing is I can’t exactly find them as the studio I was visiting was a bit out of my normal path and I arrive late. I call up to the studio from the elevator lobby to confirm they are really up there, and that I am coming, and they inform me very politely class has already started and I won’t be able to join. This was a blow. I had frantically rushed from work via taxi in traffic to get there on time, couldn’t find them, only to be told all for naught, ‘you’re too late.’  My devil horns started to pop out…I call my husband and start screaming at him…who knows why I thought I could blame him for this…eventually I calmed down and actually realized just how far off the edge I had gone…I soon after tried their other studio on my MTA line from work, and found this was a perfect solution. I did Hatha 1 with  a committed spiritual teacher and literally 2-3 weeks after I started my practice my mom died. Miracles arose in the space of her death andI was able to be present for them, and be part of them. I was able to accept and surrender, something I had only just learned from my yoga teacher. When I returned from attending her death in the US and  back to Singapore, I learned to surrender even more, and go deep within myself. For about a year, I detoxed my body, learned how to calm down, learned how to be peaceful, at least for a moment…and most importantly learned to surrender. If I had not had the practice of yoga, and my spritual teachers at that time, I would have been lost to my grief for sure. Now I practice for health and spiritual rejuvenation, and begin, ever so slowly to understand nonattachment.

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