Nothing to do, nothing to say

Only a few times have I ever been in a state where I had no need to take any action of any kind, and no need to speak. The exception is when I meditate, but I am talking about something more like being in a state of quiet mind while going about one’s life. It is rare and remarkable enough I remember a few of those times very well. Why? Because in those moments I was entirely at peace with how things were, in those moments, there was nothing to change, and everything was perfectly imperfect. In my daily practice – which right now does not follow a regular routine of asanas or meditation, but does follow a path of devotion to my tasks, I try to practice that. That is to say, ‘there is nothing that must be done right now, and there is nothing that must be said right now…’ It gives some freedom in the daily routine, and takes out some of the false pressure I create to get myself motivated. Now I am more able┬áto notice if there is something I resist doing, or something I am drawn to do. Said another way, it allows me to just be still, and open to who and what and the energy that is around.

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